My Why

With the birth of our babies I have been thinking more and more about the value of what I do and why. With new life, there’s no better time to evaluate my why. Why is traveling important to me? Why do I want to help others travel? Why do I want my family to travel? And why do I want to devote my passion of travel to being a travel designer, aka travel agent? These are all questions I’ve been asking myself.

My Why

So, I decided to put pen to paper, and really answer these questions for myself. I started jotting down all of the reasons why I love traveling, want to inspire others to travel, and why it is important to me and my family. There were endless reasons why, but I narrowed them down to six that are most important to me. My list is mostly about how my being a travel designer can better the lives of others, but it truly my driving force. I want others to see that it is not only incredible, but attainable. So without further adieu, here is why I became a travel agent.

Bring the World to More People

Like I mentioned above, I want others to realize that traveling is completely attainable. By becoming a travel agent, I’m more readily able to educate and help others plan for their travel goals. The more people I can bring the world to, I believe, the better the world will be. In my opinion, we are happier, more fulfilled, and closer to each other & God the more of the world we see! 

Experiences more Valuable Than Things

This is such a biggie! Stop buying all of the things! Place a higher value on memories rather than junk that will be thrown out in a couple of years, couple of months, or even a couple of weeks. When you spend money on travel, you are investing in relationships. You’ll find that it strengthens your family (or couple) bond, makes your family and home life happier, and teaches value in time & memories rather than things. That is priceless, and something I hope to teach others to value. 

Create Lifelong Memories

With traveling, even for just a quick day or weekend getaway, we create memories to last a lifetime. Playing a small part in couples’, friends’, and families’ memories is the ultimate honor! I love knowing that I can help others create and cherish such special times.

Bring Others Closer to God

Perhaps the most important to me is bringing others closer to God through travel. Since experiencing more of the world, I have never felt a stronger connection to or had a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. It may sound cliche to some, but it is all encompassing truth for me. From the creations of man, like flying or incredible architectural marvels, to lands only touched by God, there is no part of this world that I don’t see His handy work. I hope through travel, I can point others to Him as well. 

Provide Opportunity

I’ll be transparent here. This is a job, undoubtedly the hardest job I’ve ever had, not including motherhood. But it is important for our household’s financial well being. That being said, apart of my why is the opportunity to provide a more secure future for our family, to create more opportunity for our family to see the world, and to give myself the opportunity to challenge and grow myself. 

Show Work Ethic & Dreams Come True

Lastly, I want to prove to myself that with hard work, my dreams & goals can become a reality! More than that, I want to teach that by example to my children. I want them to see first hand that hard work not only makes you a better person, but brings great reward! You can show your family the same with a well thought out & planned vacation with Discovereighng with Dana Travel. 😉


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