So, you want the dream honeymoon or destination wedding without the overwhelm and stress that comes with planning it all, right?

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You could say I live and breathe travel.
Since starting DWD in 2015, I’ve been able to help over 350 couples and families plan their weddings, honeymoons and experiences to over 20 different countries. I’m committed to creating unforgettable memories and experiences for my clients all over the world without the stress and overwhelm that can come with planning a trip. I have big goals for DWD, and can't wait to watch them unfold.
When I’m not traveling around scoping out the latest destinations and helping my clients plan their dream trip, I can be found just outside of Fort Worth, Texas with my husband and boy/girl twins.

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I'm dana,
Founder of DWD, Texas Mom to Twins, Scrapbook Aficionado & Always Moving


You see, I actually never stepped foot on a plane until I was 26 years old. Travel always felt like it was something that was out of reach for me. Or just simply, not an option. But as I got older, I sought out different experiences to learn and grow and before I knew it, I was looking to go even further than my state’s borderlines.

The first place on the list for me? New York City.

Need I say more?

My urge to go was so strong but the idea of going to a place I’d never been to before, trying to figure out where to stay, what to do and everything in between not only felt daunting but also scary.

I kept looking for resources, tips, anything that would help ease my search. Although I felt anxious by the number of options to choose from, it was soon apparent that this was my gift—creating itineraries that got the best “bang for my time,” and therefore the best bang for my buck.

We Can All Remember That First Trip... 

After that trip to NYC with my mom, that was it. My eyes opened up to a whole new world that was right in front of me. Over the years, I continued to take advantage of my vacation days in my corporate job as much as possible, plan family trips, and help out friends with itinerary suggestions. It wasn’t long after that when they started telling me I should become a travel agent. 

"Travel gave me purpose, passion, and in a way, the world in more ways than I can count."

At the time, I had worked in retail for 7 years and in higher education for another 7. I truly wasn’t happy in my job and I knew I didn’t want to continue working for someone else. I developed such a passion for travel and I truly enjoyed helping others experience new places, too. That was when I decided to become an expert travel designer and devote my life’s work to mothering my twins and what truly lights me up: travel.

I received my certifications to become a travel designer and I founded Discovereighng With Dana Travel & Destination Weddings. Since then, I’ve been able to help hundreds of couples and families travel all over the world. When it comes to working with me, it’s more than just ticking items off a list. I’m committed to forging deeper connections and relationships with you whether you’re looking for support planning your destination wedding, romantic getaway or honeymoon—I’m with you every step of the way. 

Happy travels,


Hand me the reins to plan your destination wedding, romantic getaway or family trip so you can spend time doing what matters most—spending time with each other! 

and pretty much everything about it

new york city
broadway shows

white sand + ocean breezes

colored seas

so we can look back on them forever

our memories

currently loving crazy rich asians


can't survive without them

dry shampoo + essential oils

the ocean, the mountains, the people, it is magic

saint lucia

my favorite things

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my values


My travel industry knowledge, combined with my personal travel experiences, and over 14 years of working in the corporate world, positions me as an expert to help you create the trip of your dreams. 


I want to help you experience the same feelings I get when I visit a new place—pure joy. I strive to help my clients find joy in each and every experience from the moment they get off the plane to the moment they return home. 


Travel changed my life. And I’m committed to showing others just how powerful travel can be for them, too. 


I believe travel helps us grow, learn and become more connected with the people, culture and history of the world. My services are rooted in helping my clients forge deeper connections not only with those around them
but while exploring other parts of the world, too. 


I strive to provide the utmost professional service from start to finish with each and every client whether I’m working directly with you, extended family members or wedding guests. You won’t experience anything less. 

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