Maui: An Itinerary

Maui, Hawaii is hands down one of my favorite places on earth! The stunning sunrises, variety of beaches, and the quaint little town of Lahaina make it worth longing for. I try my best to sway clients to visit here when they say they want a Hawaiian vacation, and, like me, they are never disappointed. 
Here is an itinerary of Maui goodness that I suggest to clients as must do’s. Hope you enjoy them too!

Day One

Check In at Hotel
Welcome to Maui! Check-in at your hotel. I recommend a spot in Ka’anapali, Wailea, or a low-key resort in Kihei.
​Relax on the Beach
That was a long flight! Relax on the beach before calling it a night.

Day Two

Haleakala Sunrise
Before your body can fully adjust to the time change, wake up super early to catch the sunrise on Mt. Haleakala. I recommend taking a tour, as the drive can be a bit treacherous in the dark, but the destination is worth it! Be sure to dress WARM. Yes, it will be COLD. Likely a cold you have never experienced. But my goodness, that sunrise is nothing short of breathtaking!
Explore Upcountry
On your way back to the beaches of Maui, enjoy exploring Upcountry. Enjoy lush greenery, poinsettia plants as tall as light poles, and maybe even a lavender field. Be sure to stop in the town of Kula. At Kula Lodge, enjoy breakfast, a cozy fire, and warm drink. Shop at the nearby boutiques for unique souvenirs and beautiful florals for your hotel room.

Day Three

Road to Hana
I’ve dubbed it the greatest adventure on Maui! The Road to Hana is packed with adventure at every curve and one lane bridge, and there are a lot! Follow my Road to Hana itinerary found here or go on a tour to hit all the highlights. Be sure to start your day early, and plan to be gone all day. So you’ll want to pack a cooler and towels for swimming.

Day Four

Molokini Adventure
Start your day with a snorkeling tour out to the famous Molokini Crater. Snorkel or snuba dive with tropical fish amongst the beautiful coral. Choose a tour that also takes you to Turtle Town for a chance to snorkel with angelic sea turtles!
​Explore Lahaina
The place I want to live someday. Lahaina, Maui is a daydreamers paradise. Quaint streets, sweet little shops, and beautiful beaches boasting gorgeous sunsets, Lahaina is a must visit on Maui. In fact, you may find yourself here on more than one occasion during your visit. Don’t worry, there is plenty to see, do, and eat here!

Day Five

Beach Hopping
There are so many unique beaches on Maui, you’ll want to see them all. If you explore the Road to Hana, you’ll say black sand & pink sand beaches, but drive the southern coast for more! From Big Beach to beaches lined with volcanic rock, there are endless beach views on Maui. Strike out one more, and just beach hop!

Day Six

Enjoy a Last Hawaiian Sunrise
​Though it couldn’t be as magnificent as the sunrise on Haleakala, you’ll want to soak in one more Hawaiian sunrise. Wake up early, enjoy a cuppa Kona coffee, and just breathe in the Hawaiian air and feel the warmth of the Hawaiian sun rising one last time.
​Head Home
Buy pineapples in the airport, so you’ll have a little bit of Maui when you get back home.


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