God, the World & My Calling

With my current bible study and Easter just wrapping up, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about God’s purpose and calling for us, especially myself. According to 1 Timothy 1:15, God’s purpose for Jesus was to save sinners, Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinnersof whom I am the worst.” Jesus Christ was born to die to save sinners like myself from the punishment of God. Because of him, I do not have to fear death, but rejoice in it because I will have everlasting life in him. What a profound purpose on this Earth he had! And like him, I too have purpose.

god the world and my calling

Right now, my bible study group has been discussing King Solomon and his work on the temple. God blessed Solomon with the opportunity to build the temple in his name, and in the beginnings of 1 Kings we learn that God wanted the work of Solomon’s heart more than the work of his hands. God wanted Solomon to build the temple to glorify the Lord. Solomon prayed that his work on the temple would bring people to encounter God and that God would equip him with the ability to bring God to the world. 

In 1 Kings 7, Solomon hires Huram to help in creating the furnishings for the temple. Scripture tells us that Huram was “filled with wisdom, with understanding and with knowledge to do all kinds of bronze work.” It sounds as if Huram was chosen and anointed to do this job. I find that to be no coincidence. So it makes me think, how can I use my wisdom, my knowledge, my gifts to serve God? 

Through the temple, God had a physical place to dwell. In 1 Kings 8:11-21, we know that to show his glory, he appeared as a dark cloud over the temple, and only a chosen few could enter the holiest of holy places where his specific dwelling place, the Ark of the Covenant, was kept behind a curtain. But now, with the curtain ripped, the temple gone, and the life and death of Jesus Christ, how is God’s glory seen today?

​The more I study the Bible, the more I realize that God loves beauty and he has a greater love for his children that I can even fathom, and that is how his glory is seen today—through his creations, his world and his people. He created the Earth and all it’s “furnishings”, so indeed he loves beauty! As do I! His world is full of so many beautiful people, places, and creatures. So how can I use my passions and works to glorify his world?

Like Huram and Jesus, everyone has a unique calling that is meant just for you to glorify God, and fulfill his ultimate plan. Something was recently mentioned in my bible study that truly struck me, and solidified in my heart that I am living my purpose and calling. The leader said, “the vocations we are called to do are not secular versus religious. It is all intertwined to magnify God.” She also mentioned that God wants us to our hobbies and passions, because they are also meant to glorify him. That “God’s strength and beauty are meant to be reflected in our lives and work.” Wow! I felt as if she was speaking right to me! That is how I know the Lord is alive and well in my life—when studies, scriptures, songs, peoples’ words speak right to my heart.

I recently read an Instagram post from Tiffany Rogers that also spoke directly to my heart. She said, “Writing, for me, is an expression of my worship to God. Therefore, I want it always to be pleasing, beautiful and excellent. In the movie Chariots of Fire, Olympic runner Eric Liddell said: “God made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.” Thats exactly how I feel about writing! God made me a writer, and when I write, I feel His pleasure. To write well is to honor Him. ⠀
What do you do that, when done with beauty and excellence, brings glory and honor to God? We all have something! He has given each of us talents and gifts to be used to make Him known. What is it for you? How are you using your gift to bring God glory?”

Through the life and death of Jesus, we are each becoming bricks in his temple and ultimate plan. We each play a divine purpose. So how do I know I am following the path, the vocation, the calling I am meant to do? That personally and professionally, I am working to become a brick in the Lord’s temple? Divine words are constantly speaking to my heart, settling there, and reassuring me in growth and support that I am glorifying him in this passion and business that I am living and creating. God’s world is so stunning, and the more I explore it, the more I see him and his beauty, the closer I feel to him, and feel more connected to the work and life I am creating, including my roles as wife & mother, that I believe I have been called to do. Through Discovereighng with Dana Travel, I hope to bring the beauty of the world to more and more people, to help them discover the meaning of life, and ultimately bring them closer to God, his world, and his people.


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