All Inclusive Resort Packing Tips

all inclusive resort packing tips

So you’ve booked your vacation with Discovereighng with Dana at a beautiful Caribbean all-inclusive resort! You’re counting down the days until your toes are in the sand and you’re overlooking the bluest water you’ve ever seen. You can picture it perfectly, except what to pack! I’m here to save your day with a simple packing list for an all-inclusive tropical vacation.
Somethings on the list are pretty obvious—swimsuit, sandals, etc. But others might have you thinking, “what’s this about?” I’ve made a list of a few items that may have you scratching your head! Read on to see about the items I recommend packing for your all-inclusive tropical vacation that you may not think of.

all inclusive resort packing tips

Change of Clothes & Swimsuit in Your Carry-On
Upon check-in, many times resorts will deliver your luggage to your room later or maybe your room isn’t quite ready yet. Having a swimsuit or change of clothes handy in your carry-on allows you to start enjoying the beach and resort amenities right away! A fun maxi dress is the perfect outfit option!

Outfit for a Night Out
Often times people forget about evening wear. Many resort restaurants require specific attire for evening meals. Long pants for men with a collared shirt and a dress or fun romper for ladies are the perfect options. You don’t have to dress fancy, but it is fun to dress up for a night out! Perhaps hit one of the resort bars or clubs after to keep the evening excitement going! I love jumpsuits like this or this & rompers for vacation nights out, because they pack easy & are fun to style!

Snorkel Gear
This one may have you scratching your head but hear me out. Many resorts do offer snorkeling & snorkeling gear on property. However, some charge a small rental fee for the gear. Bring your own snorkel gear along to 1) avoid the rental fee and 2) be more comfortable with gear you are familiar with.

I know this sounds like a given, but SO many people forget to pack sunscreen for their tropical vacation. You may think you don’t need it but trust me—the sun is way stronger in the Caribbean than here in the States. Better safe than sorry! Plus, you’ll save yourself a lot by not having to buy it from the resort gift shop. I am a huge fan of Sun Bum Sunscreen, because it is safe for our precious coral reefs!

Insulated Cup
Packing an insulated cup is the ultimate all-inclusive packing hack! Imagine sitting on the beach with your drink hand enjoying the warm Caribbean sun, only your drink is melted and watered down before you can even finish half. Good thing you have an insulated cup to the rescue! You can pour your drinks in your cup to keep them colder longer. Bonus points for a cute color & vinyl sticker that matches your swimsuit! 😉

Are there any other items you recommend packing for an all-inclusive resort tropical vacation? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.
When working with me for your vacation you get firsthand knowledge, advice, and tips just like this. Ready to get started? Let’s plan a trip!


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