How I Named My Business

When I first set out on this venture of being a travel designer, I struggled with what to name my business. I wanted something catchy and unique that would capture the essence of my personality, fun, sophisticated, and down to earth, and what I wanted to provide my clients—an unforgettable vacation planning experience that ultimately lead them to discovering the world! I quickly landed on “Discovereighng with Dana Travel” as my business name. But, what does it even mean?
Today, I wanted to break away from my usually musing, and share a bit about me and my business. I hope you’ll indulge me!

How I named my business

Taking the plunge into starting my own business as a travel designer did not come lightly to me. In fact, it took several years of friends and family encouraging me to do it. Honestly, without their prompting, it was something that never even crossed my mind. I mean, did travel agents still exist? Not only was the answer yes, but I already had people asking me to help plan their vacations so they could get the most value for their money and not have to stress over researching and creating itineraries. After I finally opened my heart to the idea, it was a no brainer to get started!
Travel had changed my outlook on life, brought me immense joy, and lead me to discover a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. The idea of helping other experience those same outcomes has been a driving force for me since the very beginning. I wanted people to not only experience the world, but to discover themselves along the way. As an added bonus, I have found a happiness, empowerment, and satisfaction I have never felt before! I have the great pleasure and joy of helping couples and families make life long memories. It is such an honor to play a small part in that. 
Anyway, back to the name! So with all of these thoughts in mind, researching verbs and adjectives, and other business names, my eyes landed on the word “discover.” That eventually lead to Discovering with Dana. I loved it! It had a great ring to it! But something just wasn’t quite right. It needed just a littlesomething more. I thought back on a past business I’d started up, more for a fun hobby—creating handmade greeting cards and selling Stampin’ Up! With my middle name being “Leigh,” my card business was named Loveleigh Letters + Loveleigh Stampin’. 
So I thought and pondered, how can I too use a play on words with “discovering.” Before long, Discovereighng with Dana Travel, and eventually Discovereighng with Dana Travel & Destination Weddings, was born, and, as they say, “the rest is history!”

how I named my business

Today, I am so happy I took the time to really think about what I wanted to achieve and bring to others with my business before choosing a name. My business name reflects what I hope to inspire clients and others with, discovering the world & meaning of life. So if you are trying to decide on a business name, I encourage you to really think about how your business will benefit others in the long room and what about yourself and your personality will help you achieve that, and think about a name that will reflect you AND your business! 


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