Tips for Planning an All-Inclusive Resort Vacation

Planning for an all-inclusive vacation is so exciting! The thought of a stunning Caribbean beach, endless cocktails, and a sexy room to call home for a week sounds better and better with each passing day. You’re ready to get started planning and booking, but there are a few things to consider before you get started.
I’ve put together a short list of a few important factors to consider when planning your all-inclusive vacation. Some you may have thought about, others you may not have realized at all! Keep reading to found out a few tips for planning your all-inclusive resort vacation.

Planning an all-inclusive vacation

Not All Resorts are Created Equal
i.e. You get what you pay for. Beach quality, room quality, food quality all makes a difference no matter what your budget is. So just remember that not all all-inclusive resorts are created equal. Cheaper does not mean better.
A major draw to all-inclusive resorts in the beach. Imagine you get to your resort only to realize that the ocean at your resort isn’t even swimmable or that the beach isn’t really a beach at all. You’ll want to research that the resort is in fact on a beach, and on a beach that suits your wants and needs.
Resort Restaurants
The number one factor I look at is the length of time of your vacation and the number of restaurants. Say your vacation is 7 days, but there are only 3 restaurants at a resort you are considering. Odds are, you are going to be cranky and tired of that food by the time it is all said and done. This is something many people don’t think about. Spend a little more for a resort with a better restaurant selection, and you’ll be glad you did!
Preferred Rooms
Many resorts offer room categories that have extra perks—free excursions, additional restaurants or bars not accessible to other guests, additional club amenities, butler level service, and even preferred pools for guests who pay the additional cost. If these added amenities are appealing to you, look for room categories like “preferred,” “club,” or “butler.”
Ocean View May Not Mean Ocean Front
If you’re wanting a room with a view, you need to know that ocean view and ocean front aren’t created equal. Ocean front means just that—no buildings to block your view between you and the ocean. Ocean view may not be quite so glamorous. Not all resorts go by this standard, but often times ocean view is not as close to the ocean as you envision. The ocean could be far in the distance, but still visible from your window or balcony, as such that is technically ocean view. So you’ll want to make sure you are getting what you expect. 
Does all of this seem overwhelming to you? How about you let me help you navigate it all! We collaborate together to match you with the perfect destination & resort. Ready to pack your bags? Click plan a trip to get started!


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