Faith & Colton | Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres Wedding

I had the privilege of working with Faith’s sweet momma in a past life. When she came to me wanting help to navigate the stressors of planning a wedding in another country, wrangling guests, and managing all of the travel, I knew I could and wanted to make a difference for them. It was sheer joy working with Colton & Faith for their celebration. Here is a look at the beautiful real destination wedding at Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres in Mexico!

About The Resort: Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres

Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres, located on the pristine shores of Mexico, is a luxury resort that redefines the art of tropical indulgence. This all-inclusive paradise offers an enchanting blend of elegance and relaxation, making it the perfect destination for couples and travelers seeking a tranquil escape. With its pristine beaches, it’s a haven where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and warmth of the Mexican Caribbean. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or playing on the beach with your kids, Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres promises an unforgettable experience with.

Couple: Faith & Colton
Location: Costa Mujeres, Mexico
Resort: Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres
Date: October 24, 2022

Faith & Colton's Destination Wedding Celebration at Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres

Q&A with the Couple

How did you go about choosing your destination?
Dana sent us a list of options with detailed information about each one. We picked Majestic because it was the perfect location and within our budget.
How did you decide how many people you wanted to invite?
We made a list of people who we thought would definitely come and a list of people who would possibly come. We had to adjust our room block a couple of times because more people said yes which was totally ok with us!
What piece of advice would you give to couples who are just starting the planning process?
Trust Dana, haha! She is literally the BEST! Don’t stress about the little things!
Why did you choose to work with us for your destination wedding?
From the initial meeting with Dana, I knew it was the right choice to do a destination wedding. She made the whole process a breeze.
What was one part of your wedding planning that you knew you couldn’t have done alone? How did having a wedding/travel planner help with that?
Everything, haha! I would say room blocks, transportation, and communicating with the resort.
What was your favorite part of the planning process?
Picking out the resort, decorations, and activities to do during the week of the wedding was a blast!
For your next destination event – anniversary, couple’s trip, family milestone – where do you want to go?
I would love to go to Florence, Turks & Caicos, or even back to Majestic Elegance with all our friends and family again!

What The Bride Had To Say

If you are considering doing a destination wedding, then definitely go with Dana Lewis! She is the most caring, hardworking, and motivated wedding planner I have ever talked to! I had the most perfect wedding, I have family and friends still talking about it! Dana was an absolute dream to work with. She is professional, kind, thoughtful, organized, and knows how to plan a destination wedding like a champ! She not only brought to life our dream wedding, but she also made everyone’s travel a breeze.“

Wedding Vendors

Destination Wedding & Travel Planner: DWD Travel & Destination Weddings
Resort/Wedding Venue: Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres
Gown: Joann’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Tuxes: The Black Tux 
Bridesmaids: Birdy Grey
Photography/Videography: Ten31 Creative
Hair & Makeup: VO evolution Beauty Truck

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Real Destination Wedding At Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres


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All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):

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