How to Love Home

Happy August, friends! Last week I began a brand new adventure. I’m officially a full-time work at home mom! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to devote my life to my two passions—family & travel. When I began the venture of becoming a travel designer, I’d hoped, but never dreamed, that it would become a sustainable, lucrative business for our family. And it has! It has actually happened! I am so blessed to get to live my passion every single day!
With this change will come lots more time spent at home. So how will I tame my heart to not want to be traveling away more often than not? Well, I’ve compiled a list of what helps my find happiness at home.

How to Love Home

Though home is my favorite place on earth, sometimes we just need a getaway or get the urge to go out and explore this great and beautiful world. Unfortunately, being a full-time traveling family just isn’t workable for our family (super envious of The Bucket List Family), but this list are a few things that help. Most are fairly easy things to implement, and really help me to stay, not only content, but happy at home! ​

Reduce Clutter

A big help for me is to do my best to reduce clutter. By keeping counters, the dining table, island, and all of the other catch all places free of clutter, it is a huge stress reducer for me. And let’s face it, less stress means loving where you are more.

White Sheets

This may sound crazy, but white sheets are the best! I believe they are so much softer, and therefore, feel better. Not to mention, hotels use white sheets, so you can imitate a comfy hotel bed!

Cook New Foods

When we are out adventuring, we tend to try foods we necessarily wouldn’t at home. So, branch out and try out a different restaurant than your usual, or cook a new recipe.

Get Outside

Enjoy time swinging/rocking on your porch, strolling around your neighborhood, or tending the yard and flowerbeds. Just simply getting outside makes all the difference in the world.

Get Lost in a Book

Sometimes we just need an outlet, and reading is a favorite way for my mind to escape me. ​ Right now I’m trying to read all of the Nicholas Sparks books, which is an item on my 40 Before 40 List.

Find a Job You Love

I know that it is easier said than done, but life is so short to spend it in a job or working in a place that you hate. Find a job that you enjoy, or at least a job working with people that make the days shorter. Until becoming a travel designer, I never had a job that I just knew was the one; the job that I felt I was destined and created to do. It is a wonderful feeling! I hope the same for everyone. So just keep searching until you find it.

Explore Where You Are

I’ll bet there is quite a bit around you that you haven’t seen or explored. Even if it is a park you’ve never been to or a road you’ve never been down, get out there and explore the world right around you.


Grab some lavender essential oil, run warm bath, and relax! Sit, soak, sip some wine, and even turn on some tunes to drown out the world. Go for a walk. Start a new hobby or pick up an old one. Whatever you can do to help you relax will help you love home more.

Surround Yourself with Who and What You Love

There’s a saying that says
“Our homes should inspire us
to go out into the world
to do great things,
and then welcome us
​back for refreshment.”
Our homes should be a place to ground us, relax us, and a place of love. Rid your home of anything that does not bring you joy. Only invite people into your home that bring you love and happiness.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to dream and plan a little. So I’m {almost} constantly dreaming up our next getaway or vacation. Planning, researching, counting down to our next adventure is half the fun of the adventure itself! Remember, when you’re ready to implement this step, just call me up to get the party started. 

Thank you for stopping by today. I’m so grateful for everyone’s support of my new chapter.


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