Keeping Calm Getting Ready for Your Destination Wedding

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Creating Your Perfect Getting Ready Space for Your Destination Wedding

I know you’re excited about your upcoming wedding day, and I completely understand that you want your bridal party to be a part of those special moments as you get ready. However, I’d like to share some insights about why it might not be the best idea to have your entire large bridal party in the bridal suite for the entire getting ready stage. By choosing a bridal suite for getting ready and keeping the flow of people small, you can do better at keeping calm while getting ready for your destination wedding.

You’ll definitely want to have a space where you can hang out and get ready will help you relax and enjoy the day. ⁣But it also helps to keep the flow of folks to a minimum. Here are a few reasons to keep your day of interactions to a minimum & your circle small. ⁣

Peace and Calm: The getting ready phase is a time for you to relax, be pampered, and mentally prepare for the ceremony. Having a large group in the room can be noisy and may not provide the peaceful atmosphere you need to focus on your big day.⁣

Privacy: Some moments during the getting ready process are intimate and emotional. You may want to share these moments with a select few, like your mom, grandmother, or best friends, rather than with your entire bridal party.⁣

Photography: Having too many people can make it difficult for the photographer to capture intimate and candid shots. It’s important to have space for them to move around and get the best angles.⁣

Emotional Support: While your entire bridal party likely wants to be there for you, it’s also essential to keep it to just a few close friends or family members who can provide emotional support and help keep you calm and focused.⁣

Bridal Suite vs. Personal Suite for Your Destination Wedding

Utilize a Bridal Suite: With a bridal suite, you can let it be “the bad guy” as in, “I’m sorry only 6 people are allowed at a time, you’ll have to rotate coming in.” Then maybe at the end of your time when you’re already and ready to shift into bridal party photos, then meet with everyone. It can be stressful and chaotic to manage all of that if you get ready in your room. Unless you are headstrong enough to not let things get to you or to keep fewer people around without the “crutch” of the rules, then your/a room would be just fine.

Here is a look at one of my favorite intimate bridal suites located at Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen. What do you think?

Ultimately, the decision is yours, and your wedding planner is here to support your choices. Please know that whatever you decide, it should be what makes you feel most comfortable and at ease on your special day.

So, what are your thoughts for getting ready on your wedding day? Bring in the party? Or keep it simple & laidback?⁣ Would these tips help you in calm while getting ready for your destination wedding?

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All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):

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