Why do you need travel insurance? Part 1

Travel insurance is such a vital piece of your vacation package. Just like you need to protect your car, home, and self with insurance, you should protect your vacation investment as well! There are various reasons travel insurance is important. If you’re someone who always clicks “decline” Keep reading to see the first reason travel insurance should be added to your next vacation package.

You’re bags are all packed up. You’re ready to head to the airport first thing in the morning. Then you get the dreaded call that your flight is delayed. 

Or, you’ve made it to the airport. You’re all checked in. NOW, your flight is delayed, and you’re going to miss your connecting flight. There’s no other option for flying out today, so you have to wait until tomorrow.

Or, you’ve made it to your destination, go to collect your luggage, but it’s not there!

Ugh! You’re missing valuable vacation time AND losing money on added expenses like a hotel stay, a lost night at your resort, or to purchase clothing since you are left with nothing!

​But guess what?! Travel insurance has your back! That’s right. Travel insurance is more than just cancellation. Many policies cover flight delays, flight cancellations, and even baggage loss & baggage delays.

When selecting your travel insurance policy, I encourage you to carefully look over your options and thoroughly read over the policy you are considering. If you have specific questions about a policy, you should reach out to the insurance company for clarification.

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