My Packing Essentials from Amazon

packing essentials from amazon

Packing for a vacation has really become an art form for me! I think about efficiency, baggage weight, organization, cleanliness, and how I can pack all of the things. Since having babies, now it is even more of a puzzle! Of course I want to share my tips with you, so I compiled a list of my packing essentials that can all be found on Amazon.

Now, a couple of things don’t really have to do with packing. However, they are game changers in the travel game, so I decided to go ahead and include them. Your welcome! ūüėõ Anyhow, let’s get down to it! Here are my picks for travel packing essentials from Amazon.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Rolling Under the Seat Carry On | Shoe Bags | Large Toiletry Bag
Phone Tripod | Laundry Detergent | Power Bank | Jewelry Case
Cable Organizer | Packing Cubes | RFID Passport Cover

Rolling Under the Seat Carry On | I purchased this while traveling & pumping. It was perfect for my breast pump and all of those necessities. Now, it works great as a carry on without breaking my back. Goodbye backpack. I love that it fits under the seat, so counts as my personal item rather than carry bag. So basically, I could still bring a carry on suitcase if I wanted to.

Shoe Bags | When packing shoes in my luggage, I always think about the germs I’m packing along with them. So I decided to start using packing shoe bags. These are big enough to fit 2-3 pair per bag, are washable, and work well alongside packing cubes. Win-win all around!

Large Toiletry Bag | Ok, so I HATE tiny travel sized bottles.  I would rather bring my full size shampoo, soap, etc. toiletry items. Problem? Finding a toiletry bag big enough to fit the larger bottles. FINALLY, found the perfect one! Not only do many large bottles fit, but it is also has a hanger. You might wonder about the TSA liquids rule, but I almost always check my bag. This keeps me from worrying about the liquids rule, so this works great for me.

Phone Tripod | This is one of those items that has nothing to do with packing, but has been a game changer for me during travel. You might not always have someone to take your picture and selfie sticks are OUT! This tripod is the perfect solution. My favorite feature? You can wrap it around a railing to keep it in place!

Laundry Detergent | No, laundry isn’t something I want to think about while on vacation, but sometimes it is called for. Think activities where you sweat a lot, baby poop getting on clothes, or you need to freshen up your bra‚ÄĒthis in the sink laundry pods are perfect! I wash in the sink or even the tub before bed, wring, then hang dry overnight. 

Power Bank | Another one of those items that doesn’t necessarily have to do with packing, but it is a must for me! Power banks have changed the world. I no long have to worry about a low battery or running out of juice to take all of the pictures I want. A power bank is here to save the day! 

Jewelry Case | Ok, I am in LOVE with this jewelry case for two main reasons. 1) the necklace hooks 2) the zipper! I also love that it is a hard case. It is small enough to fit in your purse or the in room safe. I don’t typically take a ton of jewelry on a trip, but it is so nice to have options and a place to safely store them. 

Cable Organizer | This might be one of my top picks. Having a cable organizer is essential to my sanity when traveling. There are few things worse than not being able to find the cord you need or finding tangled up cords. This solves it all. Love that it is compact enough to slip in my carry on, yet fits all of the cords I need and more!

Packing Cubes | Along with the shoe bags, I recently started using packing cubes. #gamechanger Seriously, these have changed everything about how I pack, and stay organized while packing AND traveling. It is so nice to organize outfits by day, throw the cube in the hotel dresser, and never have to dig for what I’m looking for‚ÄĒit is all in the appropriate cube! Truly life changing! These are easy to wash so they work great for storing dirty clothes for your return trip. Just be sure to skip the dryer! Don’t ask me how I know. Ha!

RFID Passport Cover |‚Äč Last Amazon pick, an RFID passport cover. When traveling where my passport is required, I typically have my passport cover double as my wallet. So, it is great peace of mind knowing that my credit cards and identification are protected with the RFID protection. I love my Fossil passport cover. You can find it on Amazon or if you purchase directly from Fossil, you can have it embossed with your name or initials. Bonus that it is pretty!

Loopy Case |‚Äč This isn’t on Amazon, but I HAD to share it with y’all. Not only has traveling changed for me with the Loopy Case, but my life as well! This phone case is so much better than a “ring” or pop socket on the back of your phone. It is flexible, your finger fits right in the loop, and you can carry so much more in your hands if need be. I LOVE it, and HIGHLY recommend it!

So, what are you packing essentials? Do you use any products or organizers not listed while your packing for vacation? I love hearing new ideas for planning out my suitcases! Be sure to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments. Thank you for stopping by!

packing essentials from amazon


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