Five Reasons You Should Travel the World Now

Traveling for me has become a part of my life, a part of who I am even. There are a myriad of reasons why I love traveling, how it’s changed me, the way I live, and the way I think. Maybe you are on the fence whether or not you should take the leap and make the financial sacrifice, and I’m here to scream at tell you “Yes! Without question, you must!” Though my list is long and ever growing, I’ve narrowed it down to five main reasons you should travel the world right now.

MemoriesMemories, not things and tangible possessions last forever. Moments are ever fleeting, but in our hearts and memories (and scrapbooking, for me) they last forever. Make those memories for yourself, for the ones you love. The good, the bad, the ugly, the utmost amazing, your travel memories will etched in your mind forever, and you will cherish the time you spend exploring somewhere new or even revisited forever!
Experiences & EducationYour life will be changed in so many ways when you travel to new places. You will develop a better understanding of the world, people, cultures, economies, all the ways the world and people work. You will undoubtedly have a deeper appreciation of nature, animals, and home. You will receive an education on the world, economics, even science and nature that you cannot get from reading a book at home. Employers and potential employers will view you as someone with an understanding or people and someone with experience in interacting with many, many different types of cultures and personality.
Spiritual AwarenessOne of the top reasons I love to travel is it brings me so much closer to God and gives me a deeper appreciation and respect for the world. For me, it gives me a clearer understanding of Him, His purpose for me, and His love for me and the world. The more I travel, the less there is reason to deny Him—who else could create such an amazing and incredible world! It is so complex, yet so sumple. The more I see, whether it be untouched nature or vast cities, the more in awe of Him I am. Cities you ask? He created man, and all that man accomplishes is astonishing! He created man, so yes, even cities draw me closer to God.
LiveLife is not meant to be lived in one place. Take a chance, buy the ticket, go where you’ve always dreamed of. What are you waiting to start living?!? Life is passing you by every day, stop dreaming, and start doing!
RichnessYou don’t have to be rich to travel. Think about all the purchases you make throughout the year. Those things break, go out of style, you tire of them and throw them out. So why not spend your hard earned money on something that will last forever!? Memories of extraordinary places. Take a little bit of money each paycheck, stash it away, and in a year turn it into something that will last you forever and bring you, your loved ones, and your life and unexplainable amount of joy! So what do you get from the money you spend on traveling? Memories, experiences, feelings education—it will be the best money you’ve ever spent, and you and your life will forever be richer.
I sincerely hope my top 5 reasons why you should travel the world now inspire you to get up and go! I can’t say enough that you will be a better, more understanding, more knowledgeable, happier person the more you explore the world. Thank you so much for stopping by today. May you leave itching to explore!


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