Documenting Travel Adventures

Happy Tuesday friends! I’m back with another “Tip Tuesday”. Today, I’m sharing how I document and record our travels. There are many ways out there, but these are a few that work for us.

I actually use several methods, but each serves its own purpose. And they really all go hand in hand. I have methods for large vacations and simpler ones for small, weekend getaways. Take a look to see how they all come together.

Of course, this is a huge given, taking photos while you’re traveling. This is the single most important aspect of documenting, recording, and remembering valuable vacation memories!

Travel Journals
The second most important part of documenting our travels are journals. I use these to record our vacation’s daily plans, happenings, and details I know I won’t remember later. I also include how an experience or setting made us feel! These details come in handy later when creating our vacation photobooks. Though I don’t, you could also add in photos, tickets, and other keepsakes with washi tape. 

The main way I document our big vacations is to create printed photobooks. These contain info from our journal and many, many photos. I can never choose just a few photos, so this way I am able to incorporate tons of photos into the books without it being big and bulky. These photo books are like a combination of traditional scrapbooks and grandma’s photo albums without the thickness or fuss of glue. There are a variety of ways to create photobooks. I use the Project Life App to create my pages, sometimes even as we travel, and print them using Shutterfly. I love the sleek books, and we enjoy leaving them out as coffee table books for us, and even guests, to enjoy!

Memorabilia Boxes
Since our photobooks do not have any physical items, we have boxes to store memorabilia and keepsakes from big trips. We include things like brochures, playbills, ticket stubs, and train passes. We have a box for each destination we’ve visited that we have a photobook of.
To save space, I’ve also thought about taking photos of the memorabilia, incorporating the photos into the photobooks, and throwing away the physical items. It would depend on how much traveling we do in the future as to whether or not we did this. If I did, I would go through the current boxes, throw away what doesn’t have distinct meaning to us, and combine everything into one box. 

Traditional Scrapbooking & Envelope Pages
For smaller or weekend trips that don’t necessitate a full photobook, I create scrapbook pages to put into our yearly scrapbook albums. Sometimes, I also use the Project Life App to document these trips, and print them in 12×12 prints to pop right into the scrapbooks. For keepsakes & memorabilia that I don’t use on the pages, I use envelope pages that fit right into my scrapbook albums. I put things like booklets, ticket stubs, and souvenir photos in the pages. The envelopes come in a variety of sizes, but I use 12×12 envelope pages from Becky Higgins/Project Life. You can find them here.

Travel journals help me keep track of our vacations in detail.

Photobooks are my most used method of documenting.
​They also make great coffee table books for us (and guests) to enjoy.

Memorabilia boxes are great for keepsakes to look back on. Scrapbook & envelope pages are a combination of both the photobooks & boxes.

Hopefully, these methods will help you in figuring out the best way, or ways, to record your special vacations. And remember, this is just what I do, there are so many other ways out there! 
Thank you so much for stopping by! I really enjoyed sharing two of my passions with you, scrapbooking & traveling.


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