Creating a Bucket List

We are well into the exciting first month of the year, and I hope you are still on top of your resolutions or goals for 2019! I tend to go for goals I can check off a list rather than resolutions that I always fall short on. I also love a good ole bucket list. But when you start to write out all of the exciting things you want to do and achieve in your lifetime, it can get overwhelming! So today, I want to share what I do to create a bucket list that is inspiring instead of overwhelming. If you’re in over your head in creating a bucket list or goal sheets, read on to see my six tricks to creating an inspiring-to-you bucket list.

Creating a Bucket List

Have More than One

Maybe this defeats the purpose of one big list, but it makes it feel less overwhelming to me. I like to break things down by year for smaller goals or by decade for those huge bucket list items. My yearly goals tend to include 1-2 items from my big “decade” bucket list (see that below or read about my 30 B4 30 and 40 B4 40) so I’m essentially working towards all my lists at once. I also like to create a yearly personal and professional/business goals list. My “decade” bucket lists are essentially those big life long goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime.

Create a Time Line

Like I mentioned above, I create multiple lists. This allows me to more easily create them via timeline. I want to accomplish my yearly goals in the calendar year. I want to accomplish my 40 B4 40 by the time I hit 40. At that point, I’ll start a new “big bucket list.” This gives me a timeline to work towards to hold myself accountable. 

Write it Down & Mark it Off

Few things feel better than marking things off a list! It greatly helps me to write out my list on paper, and mark things off as I go. For my big decade bucket lists, I like to create a fancy list to share, but for the most part everything else is simple pen and paper. 

Include Big & Small Items

Don’t include just the big things on your list—break it down! I like to include big ticket items like go on an African safari, and smaller items like organize a printed photos. I do the same for my yearly goals. If you include nothing but big ticket items, you’ll become overwhelmed. As you mark off those smaller, easier to attain items, you’ll be inspired to make those big vacations (or whatever big goal) happen!

Create a Vision Board

New this year, I’m trying out a vision board. Along with written lists, it’s fun to create a vision board. Include photos of items on your list to keep a visual inspiration. It’s exciting to mark off items on your written list, but the lists aren’t exciting to look at. Visuals and vision boards will keep your mind & inspiration sparked with photos of what you actually want to go do, see, and accomplish.

Share with Others

Lastly, share your list with others! Find someone to help you stay accountable, and as you mark items off your list to cheer you on! It makes me so happy to see others accomplishing their goals so be sure to share your list with me!

I hope these tips help you with creating your inspiring bucket list! Be sure to share your bucket list items in the comments.


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All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):

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