Beaches Turks & Caicos | Family Trip Recap

I’ve been reflecting back on our family vacation to Turks & Caicos.⁣

It was a HARD trip. The twins are at the age of trying to learn how to communicate, and it often comes out as tantrums or whining. And Lovely & I are trying our hardest to not lose our minds. HA!

​But as someone said, “The experience is worth more than the troubles.”⁣ So much yes! Witnessing them experience the sand and sea and Sesame Street characters was pure magic for me! They danced. They played. They clapped. They celebrated. All of the good things. ⁣

​I wanted to recap our trip for you, and give you an idea of what to expect for your own family vacation to Beaches Resorts Turks & Caicos.

Kids Club | Even after having touring this resort and learning the behind the scenes of the kids club a couple of years ago, I was a bit leary of leaving my own kids there, and even felt quite guilty, promising them they wouldn’t have to go again after picking them up. However, my mind was changed for two reasons! 1) We saw the kids club nannies over the fence (there is a fenced area with kiddie pool for the kids camp only) a couple of days later, and they called out to our littles by name. That blew me away with so many children! 2) Mama needed a break! Ha! Camp Sesame, as it is called, is chockfull of activities, crafts, character meetings, swimming (in their own special kid friendly sized pool), and so much more! BONUS: Camp Sesame and all of its featured activities are INCLUDED in your vacation price AND all of the nannies are internationally trained & certified!

Dining | If you go hungry at Beaches, you are either crazy or a mom or dad. Ha! In all seriousness, the food and selections are great! We just didn’t have much time to enjoy them. #twintoddlers We were frequenters of the fire oven pizza, and weren’t mad about it. This family loves some “pizzie” as the twins call it. Whether you are up for a casual breakfast, seaside lunch, or nice dinner just the two of you, there are so many options at this resort. Some 21 restaurants are available, so there is literally something for everyone. We particularly loved Schooners and Mario’s! TIP: Check the restaurants hours (you’ll receive the list at check-in), and plan to check out different options each day taking note of the days/hours open.

Kids Activities | I’ve already touched on Camp Sesame, but that is not all that Beaches has for the kiddos. A playground, pools, lawn games, and an INCREDIBLE waterpark are just a few of the other activities available for the kids, and kids at heart, to enjoy. I have to say the lazy river at the waterpark was a fave for me! I could have floated through there for hours on end. Along with the outside activties, there is plenty to do inside. Beaches boasts an X-Box lounge, arcade, tween & teen “clubs” (for the appropriate age group only, no adults), and so dang much more. Lastly, a favorite of our littles, the Sesame Street characters! The cast puts on shows, makes the occasional walk around the resort, give weekly parades, and more fun activities. The joy this brought our twins, well it made this hard trip SO worth it!

Beach | This is the crème de la crème as far as beaches go in the Caribbean, in not only my opinion, but the opinion of a slew of travel magazines and websites. Grace Bay, where Beaches Turks & Caicos is nestled, has been repeatedly voted among the best beaches in the world. It is by far the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The sugary white sand, the crystal clear waters, it is just immpecable! The resort offers lounge chairs, covered loungers, non-motorized water sports, and, drum roll, beach drink service! Gimme a lounger, book, cocktails on tap, and the sound of the waves. Yep, it’s heaven on earth! You are definitely going to want to enjoy this beauty and the magic of the sand and sea with your kids, but here are a few things to note. The resort does not provide beach toys or life jackets/floaties for beach or pool use. So, keep this in mind when you are planning out your time and packing for your trip. You can buy these items at the gift shops, if available, but it is so much more economical to come prepared and pack these items in your luggage.

Adults | ​Wondering what the heck there is for you to do? Well, plop those kiddies in the kids club OR hire an after hours nanny (same trainings as those mentioned above), and enjoy an array of adults activities. Whether it is a dip in the adults only pool, dinner at the adults only restaurant, or enjoying some late night fun at one of the cars, there is plenty for mom and dad. The spa could also add to your experience and give you a little relaxation time while the kids play. Us? We enjoyed a little time at the beach without worrying about our twinnies running off into the ocean or having to clean mounds of sand out of baby booties. Ha! Whatever your choosing, there is plenty of fun for adults too!

And that is what traveling with family is all about—the experiences together! So grateful for our time away in a beautiful place with those I love most!⁣

That is what I hope for others, to experience the world with their loved ones. So, are you ready for a family vacation? Contact me here to get started planning an unforgettable family vacation.


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