A Podcast Chat about the Gifts of Travel

A podcast chat about the gifts of travelhow fun it was to be on a podcast, and even more exciting to hear the episode come to life.

Recently my friend, Allison with CRE Recruiting, asked me to be on her podcast, Growing Careers and Companies. Y’all, being on a podcast has been on my bucket list, so I couldn’t say no! I loved how the episode came to life to be a podcast chat about the gifts of travel, and even more exciting to listen to it this morning!

I’m excited to share that the show is now live, and it is all about how my business came to be, the legacy I want to leave behind, and the gifts of travel.

Since starting DWD in 2015, I’ve been able to help over 350 couples and families plan their weddings, honeymoons, and experiences to over 20 different countries. I’m committed to creating unforgettable memories and experiences for my clients all over the world without the stress and overwhelm that can come with planning a trip. I have big goals for DWD, and can’t wait to watch them unfold.

What an exciting way to talk about how my I work with Allison! Inspired to start vacation planning? Visit here.

About Growing Careers and Companies:

The show dedicated to helping you find and navigate your own unique career path. Whether you’re just starting out, climbing the corporate ladder, scaling your own business, or somewhere in between – we can help you gain the insight, skills, and experience to keep your professional journey moving forward, so you can create the life of your dreams. Get ready to discover your true purpose, and take your career higher, with your host Allison S Weiss.  Learn more about the show and listen here.

About Allison S. Weiss:

Allison possesses over 10 years’ experience in full-cycle recruiting, human resources, operations, project management, marketing, and public relations. She has successfully recruited hundreds of commercial real estate professionals, resulting in consistent multimillion-dollar annual revenue growth. Learn more about her and her company here.

Listen to the podcast chat about the gifts of travel below:



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