Seattle: An Itinerary

Though it wasn’t on my radar of places to visit, other than a gateway to Alaska, when my husband went for an extended work training, I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Seattle, Washington. I’m so glad I ceased the opportunity, because Seattle is such a neat place to see and explore. There were so many quirky spots at every corner, endless museums, and mother nature at her best! I highly recommend adding Seattle to your travel bucket list, and, in case you do, here is a potential itinerary of all of the places I enjoyed most.

Seattle: An Itinerary

Day One

Arrive & Check In to Your Hotel
Seattle is a super busy city, and is known for its horrible traffic. If you stay in the suburbs, plan your time accordingly, but if you stay in the city center know you’ll need to commute out to explore it all.
Space Needle
Perhaps, Seattle’s most famous landmark, the Seattle Space Needle is the perfect spot to start your adventure around this great city. See views of container ships coming into harbor, views of Lake Union, and, if you’re there on a clear day, catch a glimpse of Mount Rainier.
Chihuly Garden & Glass
While you’re there, pop down to this beautiful installation below the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden & Glass. Created by famed artist Dave Chihuly, the art gallery boasts incredible works of glass art. How these magnificent works stand the test of the great outdoors, I’ll never know. Truly breathtaking!

Day Two

Pike Place Market
Start your first full day early at Pike Place Market. You can buy incredible flowers (go ahead, get some for your hotel room), fresh fish (have it shipped home!), delicious fruits, and decadent pastries. You’ll also find the occasional knick knack or souvenir to take home.
Pioneer Square
Make your way uphill for an a walk around Pioneer Square. Stunning cobblestone and totem poles with questionable stories make this area nostalgic to visit.
​Underground Tour
While you’re in Pioneer Square, hang around for a tour of the under world. Once where the city actually stood, you can tour the “Underground” of Seattle. 

Day Three

Seattle Aquarium
Start your morning by the sea with a walk along the pier and a stop into the Seattle Aquarium. Watch seals swim, puffins play, and even experience a hands on tide pool.
Boeing Factory & Future of Flight 
Head north of Seattle for a tour of the Boeing Factory and quick walk around the Future of Flight Museum. The museum itself isn’t worth the drive in my opinion, but the factory tour is amazing! I never realized just how big a Boeing 747 is!
Snoqualmie Falls
On your way back to Seattle, take a little detour to Snoqualmie Falls just about 30 minutes outside of town. It’s a stunning spot with various viewing decks. You may even see a train coming around over the falls. A nice treat from the bustling city!

Seattle: An Itinerary - Seattle Aquarium

Day Four

Whale Watching & Kayaking Adventure
This will be your greatest adventure of all, perhaps even of your life! If you’re there in the Spring/Early Summer, take an orca whale watching tour. If you’re feeling really brave, kayak amongst these magnificent creatures as well. Hands down one of the highlights of my life was seeing these beauties in the wild!

Seattle: An Itinerary - Whale Watching

Day Five

Mt. Rainier
Make your last full day in Seattle one to remember with a tour of Mt. Rainier. Though we went with a tour group, you could easily rent a car and explore on your own. We made it as far up the mountain as Paradise before the snow kept us away. Early May was the perfect time to visit to still see the beauty of the piles of snow without it hindering our adventure.

Seattle: An Itinerary - Mt. Rainier

Day Six

Head Home
It’s time to go, but perhaps just one more stop at Pike Place Market. Brave the line at the original Starbucks, or enjoy a hot donut from one of the market vendors.


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All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):