Memphis: An Itinerary

Hey y’all! Can you believe it is June?! The year is nearly half over. It is flying by so quickly. I’m noticing since the birth of my twins, time has just been slipping away right before my very eyes. I know other parents know exactly what I mean.

Anyway, for this month I am going to share various itineraries for places I have been. They will have attractions we saw, things we did, and places we’d wished we would’ve made it to. To start out, I’m sharing about Memphis, Tennessee.

Memphis: An Itinerary

Day one

Arrive & Check In to Hotel
The Inn at Graceland & The Peabody are my top picks, but nearby Germantown is a great option in the suburbs with nice hotels and shopping.
See the Ducks at The Peabody
The famous ducks at the Peabody make their way from the rooftop to the lobby everyday. Take the kids to enjoy their walk from the elevator, or enjoy a drink at the bar and watch the ducks splash around in the fountain.
Enjoy a Stroll Along Beale Street
Listen to live music, shop for quirky treasures, and sip a cocktail while strolling along one of the most famous street’s in America.
Have BBQ at Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous
Head to the alley adjacent to the Peabody, and enjoy charcoal ribs at Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous joint. The building is something to be admired, with memorabilia and signed photographs from everyone from the Rolling Stones to George W. Bush. The food itself is some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had. It is true Memphis style with dry rub so skip the sauce! 

Day two

Spend the Day at Graceland
Explore the new compound at Graceland. Browse Elvis Presley’s cars, costumes, personal effects, home, and more.
While you’re there, enjoy a meal at Gladys’ Diner or Vern’s. I personally enjoyed the peanut butter and banana sandwich at the diner. 

Dinner at Dale’s
Keeping with the southern goodness, take a quick drive down to Southhaven, Mississippi to eat a delicious southern meal at Dale’s Restaurant. The dressing & banana pudding are just how my Nana made it!

Day three

Visit the National Civil Rights Museum
You’ll see the very motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot & killed, the Greyhound bus that was infamously lit on fire all in the name of racism, and Rosa Parks’ very seat on the very bus where she changed the world. The photographs, the first hand accounts, the detailings & conspiracy theories of MLK Jr.’s assassination are all worth learning about.
Stroll along the Mississippi River & Take a River Boat Ride
Along the river in Memphis are parks and pathways to enjoy, and if you visit during the right time, hop on a river boat. Chanel your inner Tina Turner if you must.
Catch a Show at the Orpheum Theatre
We were lucky enough to catch a Broadway production at the Orpheum while there. Check their schedule for your travel dates. They feature Broadway shows, concerts, and more at the theatre.

Day Four

Splash Around at Mud Island
See the entire Mississippi River in one afternoon at Mud Island. Talk a walk along the Riverwalk at Mud Island, and you’ll see a model scale of one of the grandest rivers in America. 

Day Five

Give Back at St. Jude’s
Before heading home, pop in to St. Jude’s to make donations, take a tour (schedule ahead), and visit the Danny Thomas/ALSAC Pavillion.
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All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):