Las Vegas Vacation Recap

We just returned from our 4th vacation to Las Vegas, and we still haven’t run out of new things to see and do. This trip included being serenaded by Lady Gaga, exploring mountains & canyons, and enjoying a few naps! This trip was just the hubby & me, and we made it a point to make NO plans ahead (aside from Lady Gaga). We SO needed that leisurely time, but we still filled it with so much goodness. Read on to hear all about our most recent Vegas vacation.

Las Vegas Vacation

After checking in at New York New York (the 4th Hotel we’ve called home in Vegas), our trip started out with an unforgettable performance from Lady Gaga at her Jazz & Piano Show at the Park Theatre. This was a combined anniversary and birthday gift for me, and I could not have loved it better. She has an amazing voice, and puts on an incredible show!

The rest of our days were spent making plans on a whim, taking in the sights, and enjoying each others company. Since this wasn’t our first visit to Vegas, we did know that we wanted to check out some new places. We didn’t make set plans, but everything worked out so well. Our first big outting was to Seven Magic Mountains and The Lion Habitat, and nother day took us to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Mount Charleston Lodge, all places that have been on our Vegas To Do List for awhile. 

We also enjoyed visits to a couple of our favorites, the Bellagio Conservatory & Fountains and Yong Kang Street in Paris Las Vegas. We also splurged on a great meal at PRIME at the Bellagio overlooking the fountains. The crab cake and salmon were divine! For once, it was great to enjoy such a leisurely trip, something we both needed so much. 

I won’t leave you hanging at just that. Keep reading for more deets on these places!

Big Hits This Trip:
Bellagio Conservatory | My favorite spot in Vegas, and number one spot I always tell clients to hit up! The Bellagio transforms their conservatory every season with a new look. The unbelievable displays are created from fresh florals, lentils, branches, and more to create incredible scenes brought to life! It is always a treat to visit to see the latest exhibit. Not to mention, we love to catch the fountain show and Chihuly Glass in the lobby while we are there!
Seven Magic Mountains + Joshua Trees | This unique art installation has been on my list for awhile, and when my husband mentioned it, I jumped at the chance to check it out. I recommend going early to avoid mass crowds to check out these exhuberantly colored, massive stacked rocks. Seven stacks in all stand out in the desert overlooking a salt lake as if to have popped up right out of the ground by magic. An even bigger highlight for me was seeing Joshua Trees upclose and personal—FINALLY!
Mount Charleston | We’ve had several folks tell us about Mount Charleston and a great lodge up there. We took the hour drive out of town, and felt like we were completely transported into an alternate universe than we’d left behind on The Strip. We were blown away by the Fall foliage, log cabins, and potential for snow skiing in the winter!
Red Rock Canyon | This National Conservation Area has been on our list for quite sometime, so we were happy to finally make it here. About 40 minutes outside of town is the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. With a 13 mile one way driving loop, stops along the way for hiking, and the opportunity to see wildlife like tortoises, wild horses, tarantulas (YES! I saw a tarantula!), Big Horn Sheep, and more, it is a great addition to a Las Vegas itinerary to get a good dose of nature & adventure! Next time, I’d love to come prepared for hiking. 
The Lion Habitat | ​Once upon a time, lions called the MGM Grand Hotel home. These days, these beauties spend their days basking in the sun, or in the air conditioning during ultra hot seasons, just off The Strip at The Lion Habitat. With lineage connecting back to the original MGM lion, the one at the beginning of MGM movies, these magestic creatures have their place in history. Well, now, after meeting them, they have their place in my heart! You can get super upclose to these beauties here, even hand feed them!As you can see, this visit was jam packed with great adventure–Vegas wins again!
We are already planning our return, and hoping to catch another Lady Gaga show!

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All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):

All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):