Cruise Packing Must Haves

We are gearing up for another big cruise this year. This time to the Bahamas, but all the things I wished I had or made sure to pack for our Alaska cruise will still hold true for this one. P.S. Our upcoming cruise is s group trip, and I have space to bring a couple more folks along.

So, in celebration of preparing for that cruise, I put together some of my must have items to pack for a cruise. These are quite a variety of things. Some you might find on other lists, and some you may not have thought of. Read on to find out my must haves for cruising.

Detergent + Portable Clothes Line | Something that was a lifesaver for our cruise, especially traveling with the little ones, was laundry detergent. I found these nifty sink packets that worked great. What I didn’t think about was where to hang dry clothes. A portable clothes line like this will definitely be in our bag next go round.

Insulated Cup + Reuseable Straw | Though you can’t use them in the buffet restaurants, you can pour your meal drink into your insulated cup and take it to go. Not to mention, it is perfect for your morning hot beverage! Plus, there are water fountains all around the ships, so you can refill as needed. Also, plastic straws on cruise ships, in hotels, and at all-inclusive resorts are becoming a thing of the past. Be sure to throw in a resuable straw with your cup.

Slippers/House shoes | Now that I’m all about that balcony life on cruises (Alaska spoiled me), I know I need slippers for lounging on the baloncy. This is something I wish I would have packed, but I definitely will next go round!

Binoculars | These are a must for any cruise! I never thought about carrying them on a Caribbean cruise, but you’ll likely see dolphins, maybe whales, and other marine life. It is definitely worth it to pop these in your bag.

Pashmina/Large Scarf | A thin, larger scarf or cheap throw blanket would be a great addition to a cruise, especially for chilly mornings or evenings on the balcony or walking the ship. Walmart, Target, and Amazon all have great selections.

Dramamine | This is a must for any cruise. Whether you typically get seasick or not, it is a great idea to pack as you never know what weather you may encounter. Ginger essential oil or ginger candies can also do the trick. 

Travel Pouch | I’m all about that handsfree life, and I’ve grown to hate a crossbody. So, I’ve decided fo furture trips, that I’ll be taking advantage of the “belt purse” trend. BUT, I’m also a fan of these travel pouches that lay flat under your clothes. 

Portable Fan | Plug in metal fans are a no no on cruise ships, but a portable fan often passes go. I’m a fan of fans at night, ha. So I was missing mine last trip. I’ll be adding this one to our packing list next go round.

Hand Sanitizer | This is a must for any vacation. Norovirus (basically a stomach bug) can spread like wildfire in a contained area with lots of people, so you can never be too cautious. Wash your hands often and stock up on hand sanitizer just to be safe.

Magnetic Hooks | These are great for keeping your cabin organized. I didn’t bring these on our last trip, but they would have been a life saver for keeping things handy. I’m loving this heavy duty option.

​Any additional items you’d add to the list? Tell me in the comments.


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All the timelines, checklists, and answers to your burning ?s that you need to bring your dream destination wedding to life (without pulling your hair out in the process!):