Advice for Traveling Post-Pandemic

Travel is making a comeback! Pack your bags. Travel. Is. BACK. Read on for advice for traveling post-pandemic.

After a year of staycations, we are excited to say that travel is BACK—and we couldn’t be more ready for it! Keep scrolling for some of our best pieces of advice for traveling post-pandemic and beyond…

Discovereighng with Dana Travel Advice for Traveling Post-Pandemic Airport

Tip #1: Practice Patience
Travel is back and people are as anxious as ever to go on their next adventure. This also means busier airports, crazy lines, booked rooms, price increases, and MORE TRAVEL. Please practice your patience as we help you navigate through this crazy (and exciting) time!

Discovereighng with Dana Travel Advice for Traveling Post-Pandemic  Destination Wedding

Tip #2: Book EARLY
Wanna book a vacation next year? Well, it’s most likely filling up quick. Engaged? Yeah, we’re already booking destination weddings into 2023! That ziplining excursion you’ve been talking about? Sold out. Point being… there’s been a pent up demand for quite some time now. If you want your first pick – plan accordingly! 

Discovereighng with Dana Travel Advice for Traveling Post-Pandemic Europe

Tip #3: Know Your Destination Requirements
With everything changing so frequently these days, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the destination of choice. For example, there are still places in Europe that are re-opening much slower than the U.S. is. Be sure to use us as your guide when you start making these arrangements and decisions.

Discovereighng with Dana Travel Advice for Traveling Post-Pandemic Passport

Tip #4: Check Your Passport
If you’re traveling out the country, be sure to check that your passport is valid well in advance. Most routine passports take about 18 weeks to process—so don’t forget to do this ahead of time! Here is the link for current passport times and the process to start your application or renewal.

There are many factors contributing to the uptick in travel, and the nearing the end of the pandemic is a major reason! The uptick has caused demand to boom and availability to decline. Don’t wait to start planning!

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